Koi Pond Installation - Koi Care

The model Koi Pond Setup


A Koi pond is more than a water feature.  It is the home for your Koi fish.  The pond needs to stay clean and provide a comfortable environment in all types of weather. The filtration components keep the pond clean.


Every Koi pond should have:

  • Bottom Drain
  • Surface Skimmer
  • Pump
  • Bead Filter
  • UV Light
  • Air Pump


Optional Equipment

  • Cetus Sieve
  • Vortex Chamber
  • Protein Skimmer


The bottom drain is placed on the lowest part of the pond.  It collect any heavy solid waste that makes its way to the bottom of the pond.  The surface skimmer removes floating debris like uneaten fish food and leaves.


The bead filter does two types of filtration.  It captures small bits of waste and the filter media provides a home for the nitrifying bacteria.  Bead filters have a backwash feature for easy cleaning.  The UV light sterilizes the algae that turn the pond water green. An air pump and an air stone will provide a supply of fresh oxygen for the Koi.


A Cetus sieve or vortex chamber takes the waste that flows in from the bottom drain and separates it from the pond water.  These will knock down a lot of maintenance on ponds that are near trees.


A protein skimmer removes waste that gets dissolved in the water.  by making the water super clean, it allows the Koi fish to grow more since they won’t sense that the pond is crowded.

Creating a safe environment

The easiest way to make a pond for Koi stable in all seasons is to make it deep.  A pond that is five feet deep will not experience the same temperature fluctuations that a two foot deep one will.


Most ponds that have predator problems are built with shallow sloping sides that allow critters to wade into the pond.  A Koi pond that is built with steep sides will deter the majority of the predators from getting into the pond.


An air pump and an air stone will provide a supply of fresh oxygen for the Koi.



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